custom printing & prototyping

We do custom 3D printing and prototyping!

If you have a model or a design that you like and would want to have printed; you can visit a website like the three below:

Once you find a model, please send a link to the email below to be quoted on the cost of the product. 

We can also do most custom designs and prototypes! 

Do you have an idea already on what you want but can't find a model anywhere? Send us an email and a member of our design team will reach out to you and translate your ideas to a printed object!

Typical custom prints cost $0.15 / gram and $1.10 / hour. Costs can vary, but you will be made aware of that if that is the case. If you have a print that needs to be designed from scratch, these usually cost more and depend on the designer themselves. 

If you have a custom model that you would like to be printed, please send us an email at:

*Please include (if applicable):

- a link of a model you would like to be quoted

- Full name

- Email address 

- Phone number

All quotes will be replied to by the end of the next business day!